How to Install Webmin in CentOS VPS


In the previous post, I explained How To Install Dropbear On Debian VPS, this time, I will explain how to Install Webmin in CentOS VPS. For this tutorial has said trials in 6.5 and the Centos VPS with Webmin 1.6.

Webmin is useful for managing a server or for my friend who sells SSH accounts, useful to add or remove users, see the expiry date, etc.

Install Webmin in CentOS VPS

As usual, you must be login to VPS with root access. So you need your root login details and login on Putty. After login copy and paste the following command one by one and Enter.

First update and upgrade your VPS if not

yum update
yum upgrade

Install Dev Tool

yum yum update && groupinstall "Development Tools"
rpm -U webmin-1.690-1.noarch.rpm && chkconfig webmin on
chkconfig webmin on

The installation process takes a few minutes, if it has been completed, please access in the browser your VPS IP Like: http://127.0.01

In this process, If you have any problem then feel free to comment here I will help you by solving your problem.


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