Top 5 High Paying Youtube Networks


Top 5 High Paying Youtube NetworksHello there, Here I am going to tell you about Top 5 high paying Youtube Networks with their review, ranking, CPM, support, requirements, benefits and overall experience of each of the networks. A Youtube network is an organization that works with video platforms such as YouTube. They will monetize your videos with ads to generate revenue. By the Youtube networks, you can make lots of money if you have a good youtube channel. Actually, Youtube networks for those people who don’t have an Adsense account or have a small youtube channel.So here you can see The highest paying youtube networks.

Top 5 High Paying Youtube Networks

1. FullScreen

Fullscreen is the most trusted Paying Youtube network. This company was Founded 2011by George Strompolos. Fullscreen is the largest networks out there having lot of million subscriber channels inside their network. They have total 50270 members.The Fullscreen network generates more than 7 billion monthly video views.

  • CPM Grade  A
  • Revenue Share 60%, 70% & 80%.
  • Payment Option: PayPal

I have only Fullscreen Payment Proof so you can check here.

Payment Proof FullScreen:

Payment Proof FullScreen


2. BroadbandTV Network

BroadbandTV Network is also known as BBTV.  The Network is currently the fastest growing Youtube Network in worldwide. BBTV was founded by CEO Shahrzad Rafati in 2005. They have total 124,904 members in their networks.

  • Revenue Share: 70%
  • CPM Grade: B
  • Payment Option: PayPal

3. Curse Network

Curse network is a stable network, with quite a high paying contract if you’re eligible for it. It is a gaming network. The network was founded by Hubert Thieblot in 2006. They have 5799 members and more than 1.5 billion monthly video views.

  • Revenue Share: 90%
  • CPM Grade: A
  • Payment Option: PayPal

4. Freedom

Freedom is the largest network based on YouTube currently for having a lot of smaller channels inside and few really big ones. They have 87,004 members in their networks and 1.8 billion monthly videos views.

  • Revenue Share: 60%, 70%
  • CPM Grade: B
  • Payment Options: PayPal

5. Machinima Network

Machinima is definitely one of the most talked about YouTube Networks of all time. It was Founded January 2000 by Hugh Hancock of Strange Company and is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. They have total 15,953 members. The network generates more than 3 billion monthly video views.

  • Revenue Share: 70%
  • CPM Grade: A
  • Payment Options: PayPal

Before applying for a partnership with any network

  • A youtube channel with good amount of videos minimum 10
  • No copyright at all, this applies for both sound and video
  • at least 2 weeks old
  • Have a stable amount of Subscribers, even if it’s only 100.


  1. hey, do you have youtube channel i.e how you have screenshot of full screen? i.e did you work with them?

    i have actually created youtube channel and after seeing a low cpm of less than 0.1 then stopped creating further but i am looking to know about how the mcm networks work and what cpm they have and more? can you please help

  2. sir, good to know your reply but i am expecting other things i.e how much cpm you received from full screen? and also what difference in earning you see between normal adsense earning and full screen?

    If you don’t mind give me an example video link of yours and tell the cpm received for that so that it will be useful ( in case of privacy,email me the details)

    • If you are already using Adsense then continue with it or if you are new on youtube then you can give a try on fullscreen but Adsense CPC is the best.
      CPC depends on your keywords, More High Keywords More High CPM.


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